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The Geis Knight: New Class For Dungeon World
Publisher: Pleb Publishing
by Patrik W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/22/2016 06:30:16

Pleb Publishing have a lot of interesting looking playbooks, but the lack of previews and detailed reviews have always deterred me from checking them out. I bought the Geis Knight, and it certainly does explain the lack of previews. The concept is great and really cool, but the moves are all over the place. The starting moves are a variant of the Paladin's move "Quest", which is pretty good. Their other move is one that only triggers on a 12+ on Volley or Hack and Slash, allowing you to add extra effects to your attacks. There is a race move that allows you to Hack and Slash with INT, but these are still two starting moves using different stats. I bring this up because it gets worse. The list of 2-5 moves have among them four moves that roll INT, WIS, CON, CHA, respectively. There is another similar list of moves within the 6-10 list. Adding to that the Starting moves that require 12+ on Volley or Hack and Slash, you've got five or six different stats the playbook is based on. Beyond that, there is also an additional imballance in the choices of moves available. In the 2-5 bracket two moves you have available are one that can deny rest to a dead or dying creature by forcefully reincarnating them as a fly, which may have potential consequences for yourself, and another move that instantly destroys any undead you deal damage to. The former, I cannot find any use for, while the latter is an incredibly potent, albeit situational, move that might trivialize a whole category of enemies. And as a final cherry on top, the book is in heavy need of editing. One of the races gives you +1 strength, not clarifying if it gives you a +1 STR, or you just start with your strength 1 higher than it normally would be. In addition, there's a move that says "you take +1 with anyone of your race" never clarifying some major points. Is it +1 forward? Ongoing? Is it only against them, or only on specific moves? Is it just a +1 whenever someone from my race is around? All in all, several very interesting ideas that wasn't fully realized, thrown together in a poorly written playbook that will likely have a hard time finding use in a game because of the mechanical flaws to it. I wish it was better, but I cannot recommend this product to anyone, unless you're so sold on the idea that you can look past all of it's flaws. If this is a good example of the quality you can expect from Pleb Publishing, then I'd advice avoiding their products.

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The Geis Knight: New Class For Dungeon World
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Creator Reply:
Hello there. First and foremost, thank you for your purchase and my apologies for the playbook not meeting your standards. I’ll try to clarify some things her ebut I can’t promise it’ll redeem the playbook in your eyes. Mainly the Geis Knight can be built to be primary a ranged or melee fighter, which would motivate the players to put a good stat in either (or maybe even both if they want to be very combat oriented), which leaves rest of its stats with no important job. In both 2-5 and 6-10 moves there is a move that uses each of CON, INT, WIS, CON, CHA. These powers enable a level of customization to the Geis Knight to let you choose what stats you want to rely on and put points into as you level up. The Fomorian race options, which gives you +1 Strength, quite clearly states Strength and not +STR. The ‘take +1’ was my error. It was meant to be ‘take +1 to all rolls with them.’ The wording of ‘take +n with whatever’ was a common term used among other fan made playbooks that we’re played alongside the Gies Knight in the two playtesting games. I assumed it was applied to all rolls with them, but clearly this isn’t the actual wording. When I get a chance soon I’ll fix it up for you. As with the varying use of powers, I’ve played-tested the class for twelve sessions. I’ll agree for the first couple read overs it clearly displays an imbalance like you noted. I’ve found some really fun combos and alternative uses for the powers that made everyone worth taking, but I can appreciate that they do feel lopsided without holding a think tank session over each power. I’m really sorry this product has put a bad taste in your mouth, but I hope I’ll be able to remedy it in the future. Even if it wasn’t a positive review, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback.
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