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Shadowplans - Pack #2 [BUNDLE] $8.49 $6.99
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Shadowplans - Pack #2 [BUNDLE]
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Shadowplans - Pack #2 [BUNDLE]
Publisher: Shadowplans
by Andrew B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/12/2016 00:12:44

This is a great product, but this second Map Pack was nowhere near as well organized as the first one. Because of this I had to knock off a star. Sorry.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Andrew, Thanks for the feedback! As I uploaded these products all individually I think I failed to consider the file footprint when trying to download all of them at once. The first pack was a single product containing all 10 maps so it\'s just 3 archives. This caused some confusion, with some double purchases here and there between the pack and the singles. To combat this I\'m using the site standard Bundle this time around, which means 10 individual products each with their archives, which I can imagine would be quite a lot more files and ended up quite disorganized. I\'ve gone through the products and reduced each to just 2 archives per product with consistent folder/file naming (one for PDF\'s, one for JPGs), so a total of 12. Hopefully that will be a lot more reasonable. If you have any other ideas, suggestions or comments that you think would improve this or any other aspect of the product please let me know.
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