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Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (2e)
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Levi A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/08/2014 13:10:51

The classic DnD campaign setting, in a handy digital package. I've been waiting for some time for this set to come back into print, so a review of the contents of the books wouldn't be objective at all. Sure, Spelljammer has some rough edges, and in some places is downright wonky, but the sheer audacity of it is what made it so great. With that said, this review is going to focus on the digitization thereof.

The book scans are very clear, appear to quite high resolution (I didn't check the DPI), and are miles better than another one I'm aware of. The box set is split into two books, and all the extra materials are appended to the end of the first book. This is less than ideal (I'd have preferred a third document), but is not any real hardship. (Although, they'd have probably fit better as part of the Lorebook of the Void, seeing as that's the DM book.) They are formatted at the same page size as the book, so I don't know if they where scanned at a higher resolution or not (for the ship cards and tokens, it probably doesn't matter, but being able to print large format versions of the maps would be nice).

There doesn't appear to be a scan of the box itself. What's a box set with no box? Incomplete, that's what. While it's a minor bobble, as many won't miss it and few will make use of it, it still cost this review about 3/4 of a star. While some manipulation with PDF hacking tools can split the books into as many parts as a savvy user requires (or combine them into one), one can't (easily) replace missing content.

I haven't printed any of the contents, so I can't specifically say how it'd go, but everything I've seen indicates it should be high quality.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (2e)
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