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Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
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Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
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Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
Publisher: White Wolf
by Corey S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/03/2009 17:15:43

The OWoD may be dead and gone, but even the old books can be used for an NWoD game. The setting is well done, the new take on the standard clans is refreshing, and the minor bloodlines (such as the Mla Watu) bring an unexpected burst of Dark Ages nostalgia to the forefront.

In the OWoD this lovely little chunk of African inspiration can be used to run an entire campaign free of the Camarilla and the static, monotonous Eurocentric plotlines that comes there with, or it can add a dash of uniqueness to an already existing game running off the standard European clans and their machinations. With everything from Brujah to Venture, from the deathly Cappadocians (who once again manage to pop up in the modern nights unscathed) to the pious Salubri (still hunted. Nobody likes a three eye) to add a dash of alien spice to any Story Teller's campaign, and any players aresenal of contacts and characters.

In the NWoD you can still use this little bundle of alternative views. You could just convert things, to adding a little dash of Africa to that bloodline you've had swimming in your head. The basic concepts outlined in the book can easily be brought over and used for whatever evil a story teller has in mind. Who needs VII when an alien twist on an all to familiar clan can be just as horrific.

As always, there are a few downsides, and KotEK is far from perfect. Most all of the Legacies very clearly represent the standard 13 with a vastely different cultural view. This is a good thing, you don't need to add new clans when there is so much more to a vampire than bloodline. Some of the Legacies appear to have been added because the authors wanted something entirely unique and different, and added new rules just for African vampires seemingly just to throw the proverbial wrench 'twixt the gears.

I think it was the rules nerfing that really kept me from using this as anything but a background supplement. KotE was a terrible game for this, and, sadly, so is KotEK. In a game where the fight between beast and humanity are an integral part of the system. If the Middle Eastern kindred in Viel of Night can run off the same rules, so too should the Liabon. If Ashirra lack a stat for Nour, the Liabon should lack Aye and Orun.

The Orun and Aye system, while not difficult to grasp, are just not really needed. They CAN be ignored, that is the beauty of the storyteller system, but it seems like more time could have been devoted to adding a wider bredth of cultural difference had to writers just stuck with the tried and true Humanity/Path system.

Another, albeit minor, gripe is the Nkulu Zao. Mayhaps this is because I love the Dark Ages Vampire world, or maybe it's because a small part of me feel bad for an imaginary group of monsters, much like taking pitty on Tom the Cat. Couldn't we have had just one Vampire setting where the Salubri were not shells of their former selves, hiding in the remote places in the world? There are no Tremere in the book, couldn't we have seen the last holdout of the once noble, gentle Salubri? Not devolved into violent, sparten monsters, but still the shining, holy healers they had been in the pre-Tremere world? I was never a fan of the Salubri, they just get a bit stale when the same idea is used for them over and over again. Even the Cappadocians get some variety

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