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Trail of Tsathogghua
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Trail of Tsathogghua
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Trail of Tsathogghua
Publisher: Chaosium
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/03/2010 01:07:17

This is another very early supplement, originally published by Chaosium back in 1984. It contains a short two-scenario campaign and an extra bonus scenario ("The Haunted House" -- one of the most difficult scenarios my players ever had to work through). The campaign is set in Greenland and British Columbia and requires a lot of outdoor and cold-weather activity. I found it difficult to come up with a really convincing way to get my players involved without feeling like I was forcing the play along a certain path. Still, if the circumstances had ever worked out, I think both scenarios would have been a lot of fun for them. "The Haunted House" is set in Grand Rapids Michigan, though it would be easy enough to relocate to some other location in the English-speaking world. Neither of my play groups ever made it to the campaign, but both suffered through the haunted house scenario -- one of the most complex and challenging scenarios I ever ran for them) and really enjoyed it. The price made it irresistible to me when I discovered it on DriveThru RPG.

The reproduction quality of this one meets DriveThru's usual high standards with everything being clear and crisp and easy to read. I'm going to rate this one a four -- not because of the reproduction, but simply because the campaign scenarios are sort of hard to fit into your play in a neat, seamless way -- though the Haunted House scenario is a winner all by itself. Still, elements of them are usable in other scenarios you may devise. The price on this one makes it well worth picking up in my opinion, despite the difficulties I note above.

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