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15-11 Free Monster of the Month: Giant Toxic Sponge $0.00
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15-11 Free Monster of the Month: Giant Toxic Sponge
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15-11 Free Monster of the Month: Giant Toxic Sponge
Publisher: Octopus Apocalypse
by Björn A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/30/2015 16:58:37

nice little CR 5 monster to use in underwater adventure. The Values seem to be in the range for this CR and the one thing I'd probably change is to turn the ability damage effect if its toxic aura into Strength damage, because that would better synchronize with the Sponge's Siphon ability with its Strength based Save. But it made me come up with three little ideas to use the Critter in my own adventures*, and that's exactly what a good monster entry should inspire me too. And it's free which adds to five stars in my book.

  • I'm not sure if this is considered bad form here at drivethru, so instead of linking to my blog, I'll just copy what I came up with regarding this monster:
  1. The PCs are tasked to retrieve some treasure from a ship sunk before the coast during a heavy storm. Unluckily, the ship’s body has been infested by a pair of Giant toxic sponges feeding from the fauna living near the wrack. They won’t surely mind greater prey (like some meaty PCs for example who will literally have to go through the sponges to get what they came for).

  2. When some townspeople go missing and the local authorities aren’t able to find any clues about their whereabouts, the PCs are hired to solve this riddle by the brother of a wealthy merchant who hasn’t been seen for several days. Hints point to a nearby lake and the PCs may find that the missed persons fell prey to a giant advanced toxic sponge. How did a salt water creature get into a sweet-water lake. And how is it able to survive there? The answers to these questions may lead to a mass murderer on the loose thinking he had found a way to commit the perfect crime.

  3. For mysterious reasons a portal to the water plane opened in a big mountain cave looming over a little town. Poisonous Water pouring through the portal threatens to destroy the town but finding a way to close the portal involves exploring the cave. Meaning to handle the creatures coming through the portal as well as handling the portal itself which seems to be a gigantic living creature drawing the water out of the plane of water onto the material plane.

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