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Aftermath! Magic! $6.00
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Aftermath! Magic!
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Aftermath! Magic!
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by George T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/11/2017 12:58:40

I've run Aftermath! campaigns since 198(2?) and I love the system because it is so versatile. I've used just about every genre of 'disaster' or 'aftermath scenario' out there; Bio War Plague; Zombie outbreak; Nuclear War; Mega Tsunamis from the California Plate collapsing; Mars Invades; Aliens Invade: Dimensional Rift; and a few other variations. I've used time frames from: Just after; 10 years after; 200 years after; My 'crew' spent months inputting the stats from nearly 500 weapons into Aftermath! just before the 'Technology Book came out. Although really upset that the book appeared right after we had done all that work, it WAS comfortingh to see that by following the stats in the books, "our weapons" that were listed in the book were all nearly identical with the Addendum. One thing I've never been happy with, is the home-brew system for "Magick" I developed for one adventure set. Now,Aftermath! Magic is out and, I LOVE IT. It fits well into the system and the minor tweaking involved to Characters is a 5 minute job. I have not played it yet, as the next game session is next week but I've read the book cover to cover a couple of times. I'm going to have no problems slipping this into the '200 years after the Long night' world I'm running right now. My players are gong to love (and Hate) this add-on. It will change up play style a fair bit for some and not at all, for others. Which is what a good addendum is supposed to do. Kudos to the team.

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