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Just a Game - Playtest Packet
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Just a Game - Playtest Packet
Publisher: Thrythlind Books and Games
by Paxton K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/31/2015 09:27:37

To begin with, this is more of an EXCELLENT essay on the topic and addresses some issues in both paper and pencil and MMO RPGs.

It does do a really good write up of how it could be covered with 3 rules systems. If you are unfamiliar with any of the three, this is perhaps the best review of them I have read.

What it covers

Any version of "Toto, we ain't in Kansas!" All kinds of ideas for how a little reality can affect a campaign.

It also points out some "elephants" that have been hiding in the game room. Ol' School D&D and almost every game sense has used Hit points or some variant. It stated in the players handbook that this was not actual 'damage' but sprains and strains until the death blow. But healing time was best expressed in weeks without a healer. MMOs got that part right. In just a HP system they should regenerate at most by hours and not days.

Likewise in MMOs (Yes, I play those too), I was on an RP server and someone asked how RP was possible. We were "debating" the topic. His genius was, "How are we having this conversation when we are no were near each other???" World of magic and hearthstones and THAT was his hang up? He ignored and I guild kicked (We did this everyday).

If you are just a group of "dungeon crawlers", this offers little for you; although it did offer some excellent ideas on how the MMO idea of "Tanking" could be handled in pencil and paper. Any tactician will appreciate it. The "monsters aren't dummies; but for some reason never off the healers first" rules just got a healthy dose of why.

A couple of personal notes.

The packet talked about the problem that MMOs usually involve "farming". Really, this is just good old fashioned Hex Crawl. it can be combined with a quest like patrol the woods for remaining orcs.

The topic of death is also covered. I recommend Amber Diceless on this topic. Except for hard dungeon crawls, death is a very awkward. Don't kill people!

I had a girlfriend I was introducing to gaming (yes a real one!) and I used the old Basic D&D set. I created an NPC for every class for the one week hike to the dungeon. The first major encounter was with R.O.U.S. (raccoons of unusual size). Anyone who has ever camped knows the thrill wildlife has if you don't maintain strict policing policies. Great fun. Then rainstorms and the great stream cross of the plate wearers. Really the dungeon was the march there and the march back in defeat as they realized how much gold the week hike had cost. Especially, since round trip was a month long.

The reason for this tale was that the packet mentions raids and the forming of them. It so nice when everyone can just "appear there". Paladins use to get that mount at 4th level. Too bad they didn't get the baggage train needed to support it. They eat 40 pounds a day and if you just "graze" them, plan on walking them. And nothing eats them while they hang outside a dungeon.

In short, a great read, good information on the game systems and fantastic ideas, even if the overall does not appeal to you.

It sounds like they were fishing for ideas on where they should go with this. I REALLY want to know. It could make some great campaigns.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
This is, indeed, a very preliminary package on how to approach the topic. I\'ve since started more heavily delving into a Powered by Apocalypse build including a couple of playtest sessions. Though the PbtA build I\'m using now is much different from the once in the book (I went with a more narrative \"tag\" and \"condition\" method borrowed from Worlds in Peril and Legend of the Elements rather than Harm among other things). I also tend to agree on the death front. To me, Death=paperwork in creating a new character and then story derailment while we find ways to get that character involved. But, I felt it was a subject that needed to be addressed since some groups do prefer that death be a risk. The second build of the PbtA is available on my storefront here and does include some sample campaigns drawn from variations I had run in other systems.
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