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Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Matthew D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/04/2015 22:41:33

I'm writing this review about 2 hours after completing our first game using the Fantasy AGE system. We played the starting adventure in the back of the book. The entire session lasted about 5 hours, including character creation and some heavy role-playing in the beginning to get used to the system.

Some general comments and thoughts:

-Character creation was pretty straight forward. There were four players and they took about 15-20 minutes make characters. All were experienced role-payers, but none had played Fantasy AGE prior to tonight. -Any confusion or ambiguity in the rules was easily explained with the short glossary or a quick index check -The pdf file was nice. Bookmark links worked. Index page links worked.

-Role-playing was smooth, with things like persuasion or empathy checks being completed easily -Everybody loved the Stunt mechanic. It added much fun and variety to the game.

-Combat clipped along, never felt like it was lagging. Players commented after the game that they really noticed how fast and smoothly turns progressed and the rounds flew by -We used Spellsheets for the casters that I found online that had all spells (with stats, cost, TN, etc.). None of the casters took much longer than other players. Everything was simple and straight-forward for magic-users. -Before the game, I had printed several copies of the combat/spell stunt tables and major/minor action lists for the players reference. It made things much easier for everybody.

Overall, I feel this was a fun system for a quick pick-up game, a one-shot, or short campaign. It's perfect for introducing people to table-tops for the first time. I have reservations about how efficient or easy this will remain for a longer or deeper game. It seems like it could fall apart or burn out at higher levels, but I guess we'll have to keep playing and find out. For now, we love it.

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Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook
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