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Ryuutama : Natural Fantasy Roleplay
by Gabriela G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/28/2015 07:20:47

Ryuutama is an excellent game for people those unfamiliar with table top RPGs, it's simple to get and the translators are very active in the community. Story telling is really one of the focus points, and I find it very easy to adjust and change to accommodate my players as they do unexpected things. Everything is pretty streamlined and focused on what's necessary to enhance the experience, or to make the role-playing experience as fair for everyone as possible.

For example all skills are derived from the primary stats of the characters, which saves players from having to keep track of skill points. Then class skills offer something from each class that's pretty unique to each of them without forcing someone to fall into a certain role like offence or spell caster because they can decide that separate from their class. However, if you're a player who likes more of the game play side of things you need to be aware that a lot of the fun is due to role-playing aspect of the game. The technical aspects aren't really the point of Ryuutama, and if you go into the game thinking that it is I can see how it wouldn't be as fun.

The art featured in the book is beautiful and has a hand drawn water coloured aesthetic, and somewhat reminds me of some classic fantasy manga and anime, which makes sense considering the country of origin. Visually the book is great, and has really come along since the initial releases available to those who supported the project as it developed for the English audience. I can't wait to see the supplements and more community content, it was a bit of wait but I feel like it was worth it.

Ryuutama is probably something I would recommend to those looking for character driven stories, or light hearted fun. The group I hosted became more friendly with each other as they played it, and as a whole we're happy to have had the chance to experience Ryuutama.

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Ryuutama : Natural Fantasy Roleplay
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