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Wicked Lies & Alibis
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Wicked Lies & Alibis
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Wicked Lies & Alibis
Publisher: Imaginary Empire
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/24/2015 23:43:09


  • The game is designed so that The Great Detective is always right, as suits the source material...there's an optional rule that provides Verdict cards to the suspects, which can lead to the detective being wrong.

  • Tons of background information on evoking the art deco era.

  • The game is definitely more about the journey and not the destination, from a game standpoint, as there is no real winner, though there is a pretty clear loser (unless you use the Verdict cards and the killer gets off scott free).

  • Reference sheets are included for each of the nine case set-ups, to help you keep track of the background details.

  • Though a lot of information is provided for playing in the art deco era, it wouldn't take much work to update the setting to something more contemporary, if that suited your tastes (and I know from the contest entries I have received, that it does suit many of your tastes).

  • The PDF includes all of the cars from the game, if you want to print them out instead of buying the card deck.

Wicked Lies & Alibis seems like a great party game for amateur actors, or for anyone who likes their story games with a stronger emphasis on "story". I think my group will enjoy it, given how much they liked Fiasco (though this doesn't have quite the same humor emphasis), and my gut says it could be a great convention game (moreso than EPOCH, which relies a bit more on mood setting).

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