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Paracosm: Volume One $3.00
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Paracosm: Volume One
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Paracosm: Volume One
Publisher: Ryan Chaddock Games
by John M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/14/2015 00:27:52

I love maps, and I love this collection.

The first thing I noticed was the Acrobat UI saying "This file includes fillable form fields." What? In a map?

You get 3 versions each of five big continental maps. A landform map, a hexmap, and a map with with those fillable form fields for places of interest. Name that city whatever you like. Put your campaign there right on the map.

The first map is Divided by Stone, and this continent is split up by giant mountain ranges. Start your campaign here, and then go over the mountain passes for higher level dangers there. Perfect for a FRP type game.

From Desert to Ice. Like a lot of stressful environments in your campaign? This is a great map.A nice overland trek across this map would be great. Less Shires, more Mordors. :)

Out of the Wastes. And you thought Desert to Ice had a lot of badlands? This is 90% badlands. I'm thinking Mad Max would fit right in.

Deep in the Jungle has (wait for it!) lots and lots of Jungle. And a bit of dry land too, maybe a savanna. Jungle kingdoms, lizard people, big nasty snakes. Maybe a giant ape?

Amidst the Ruins is the strangest map. Geometric shapes that can't be natural blend with organic looking lands. Giant scale constructs, hundreds of miles on a side. Numenera, or strange sci-fi ruins on another planet.

The last two maps don't look down, they look up. Constellation maps. No hex version, no fillable form version. Just constellations you could use in your campaign. Print them out and show your players. "The Eye," "The Gateway," and "The Unicorn" are all up in the sky. What's your sign?

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