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Dragon Warriors Players Guide $19.95
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Dragon Warriors Players Guide
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Dragon Warriors Players Guide
Publisher: Serpent King Games
by Lee B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/27/2015 07:02:03

Dragon Warriors as a game has continued to survive against the multitude of high fantasy systems like D&D and Warhammer largely because of its unique low-fantasy atmosphere: blending folk lore, a gritty Dark Age setting, and a melancholic haze into a crucible of adventure in which the heroes must treat the supernatural with fear and superstitions with respect, and where an absolute social order can keep even the most chaotic and powerful adventurer in check. The Players' Guide amply reinforces this unique flavour with articles on social order, the role of the church, and a thoughtful and appropriate treatment of, and expansions to, Dragon Warriors magic that is even more in-keeping with the Dragon Warriors game than the original magic rules!

As if you still needed a reason to purchase this book, so much of it has been written to enable it to be easily transferred to other fantasy role playing systems. Horses, for example, are oft overlooked as a source of role-playing, treated little more than mediaeval versions of cars, but a thorough article in the Players' Book will add role-playing depth and richness to horses in any fantasy RPG. And it doesn't stop there - much of the book is devoted to organisations and aspects of the social landscape commensurate with a Dark Age milieu and whilst there is a definite Dragon Warriors bent to it all, it is discrete enough for anyone to easily adopt the principles in their fantasy RPG of choice. Whatever fantasy RPG you play, the Players' Book will enrich any evening's play.

There are areas in which the Players' Book doesn't quite deliver, though, and I can only lament the cumbersome attempt to introduce a much-needed skills system, which falls far short of what Dragon Warriors needs, but is forgivable given the exceptional quality of almost everything else within the pages of this supplement.

In short, any fantasy RPG gamer should consider purchasing this book, regardless of whether you play Dragon Warriors or not, and though the occasional page might not achieve the same high standard as the rest of the book, this supplement more than comfortably earns its five stars.

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