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Ships of Clement Sector 6: Jinsokuna Chirashi-class Yacht

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Ships of Clement Sector 6: Jinsokuna Chirashi-class Yacht
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Ships of Clement Sector 6: Jinsokuna Chirashi-class Yacht
Publisher: Gypsy Knights Games
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/23/2014 04:10:05

Aye, she's a beauty, with those sleek yet aggressive lines!

The Swift Flyer is a perfect ship for the rich and powerful, the government or megacorporation or the independent opportunity-seeker*

*Yeah, that'd be pirates, corsairs and raiders.

With 16 staterooms - plus two large suites - There's plenty of room for all your noble drinking buddies and their servants, your important business associates or your fellow marauders, depending on personal taste. As the included alternate versions of the ship show, the interior can easily be reconfigured for other duties. Sacrifice the large common room to make room for some barracks, or perhaps replace some state rooms with labs, armories, or whatever might be needed.

The baseline ship offers a solid foundation to build from, with decent thrust, protection, hull size and armament, and the model could easily be reconfigured for a multitude of roles. Apart from the ones included in the book (yacht, pirate ship, naval escort), I could imagine it'd work great for mercenaries or small Spec-ops units. I kinda wanna slap on a coat of stealth paint, name the ship Normandy and play a mass effect-like campaign - or why not introduce it in the third imperium setting, Vargr corsairs are gonna love it!

Nice touch with the fictive tv show, giving us action characters as sample crew and plot hooks in the shape of episode synopsis made for some fun reading, now I wanna watch Superpirate!

Overall I'm quite fond of this yacht, great work!

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