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Barrowmaze Complete
Publisher: Greg Gillespie
by Benjamin W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/02/2020 20:35:34

Pretty decent megadungeon but the cons outweigh the pros for me. The biggest gripes I have are: -Having a megadungeon almost entirely populated with undead removes a lot of morale checks from the game which is one of my favorite parts of old school gaming. Enemies who are always hostile and fight to the death are fun from time to time, but a megadungeon full of them? Less fun. -The cost is ridiculous! Sure there's some good art, but for a medium sized book this is WAAAAYYY overpriced, especially compared to similar products. -The author for some reason refuses to figure out how to get previews of his books on drivethru because... reasons? -Finally, from reading the author's responses to criticism, complaints, or really anything that doesn't paint his work as genius, I REALLY regret having given him any of my money and I certainly won't in the future. It seems he is the sort of "artist" who thinks if you have any issue with his work then you simply don't get it. The words pompous and smug ring in my head everytime i see his responses or interviews. One of my pet peeves in creators, especially in smaller scenes. Your mileage may vary.

--EDIT: Please see his response to my review as evidence. Rather sad. Score updated from 2 to 1 stars for extreme pettiness of creator.

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Barrowmaze Complete
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Creator Reply:
Everyone is welcome to an opinion. You’re right, you don’t get it lol
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