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Barrowmaze Complete
Publisher: Greg Gillespie
by Go B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/13/2020 22:59:07

The content of the Barrowmaze Complete is solid. Good writing, dense background, many good ideas that drive forward a plot. Lots of choice and very little railroading. I really like it.

In other words: no real issues with content. If you are buying the PDF of this then you are fine. Read no further.

But if you are like me, and want things on paper and on a shelf, to browse, and sit, and flick through, this is another matter.

This is a costly book to pruchase. One can see why. A lot of work went into writing, design, graphic layout, artwork. This is a beautiful book. Which is why it is an extra great pity that production is so relatively poor. My book came with an improper binding. I have taught myself to bind books, so I think I know what went wrong. The glue was sloppy and the binding was not allowed to sit and cure for long. As it dried up, it contracted and pulled the binding askew.

No problem: I wrote DTRPG, and a replacement was sent -- no fuss. Absolutely perfect customer service. I love shopping with DTRPG.

But now, as I am waiting for the replacement to come, the other copy sits on my shelf. And over the last three weeks, the paper has begun to take moisture from the air. The paper is of a very thin quality, probably 60g, and it has begun to bend and wave. A book like this, especially at a price like this, should be printed on proper paper. The replacement has not yet arrived, but I have no doubt that the same will happen to it.

I do not have a particualrly moist home. I have a DysonAir that tracks humidity, and I see it always fluctuates around 30-40% and never goes above that. A book - any book - should be able to handle that.

Yet, my copy of Barrowmaze Complete now looks as if I spilled a glass of water onto it. I have put it in a press to see what will happen, but for something that costs $110, this should really not be necessary.

Whoever produces these books, printing them on demand, they need to be paid properly, and, in turn, they need to use proper materials and take the time necesaary to produce a product that can last and wont bend and skew.

My 1979 AD&D books still look fantastic after four decades. Barrowmaze Complete emulates their design. It should also emulate their production quality.

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Barrowmaze Complete
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