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Abandoned Factory - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts $1.49 $1.04
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Abandoned Factory - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
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Abandoned Factory - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
Publisher: Ambient Environments
by Daniel B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/09/2015 05:49:06

I recently attended a model railway conference where the lectures included workshops on layout sound. One of the biggest issues was TOO DAMN LOUD. That's what I've heard here.

All the sounds you expect are present, but there is one that is too much, and that is the wind. The noise of the loose parts of the building is also too loud, but exacerbated by the massive blast of wind. As you might expect, the loose shutters etc. are louder because of the gale-force winds, but the better solution would be to lower the wind velocity until you have an abandoned factory with an eerie howl of wind blowing through it, rather than, as we have here, an abandoned factory caught in a Category 2 cyclone. (I've been there. Not a factory, but I've been there. I know.)

Feel free, of course, if you happen to have an abandoned factory in your campaign and need the PCs to stay there due to a severe storm, but it's much too loud for gaming ambience.

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