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Publisher: Ryan Chaddock Games
by Corey M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/14/2014 02:20:20

Magarchy is RCG's first FATE outing, but they've already got a real handle on the game. It's not their wheelhouse but they've managed to leverage their talent for evocative settings and dynamic narrative into a solid game.

The Setting: The pseudo-cyberpunk re-imagining of Renaissance Europe is a bit esoteric, but after a good read it lends itself well to political intrigue. They've clearly put some energy into researching the era and happily convert a handful of historical figures into scheming wizards ready to be thrown at PC's. The three factions are unique (the nobles, the church, and the druids) although it seems like it'd be hard to have a party with characters from both the church and the druids. That having been said, each faction has enough depth to allow for a pretty diverse cast of characters even with only two of the factions in play.

The Rules: Aiding this political set-up is the introduction of a Reputation stress track, one of a few new rules presented in the book. The new stress track is a simple and unobtrusive way to handle social conflicts and consequences. As would be expected for the setting, Magarchy also presents a couple of magic skills: one for each of the major factions. Other than that Magarchy doesn't stray too far from FATE's rule-set, making it accessible to new FATE players. It's nice to see a FATE product that doesn't bog itself down with reams of complications to the core rules.

Overall: RCG's first FATE product is a great game for those with interest in historical fantasy or political intrigue. Hopefully we'll see more from them in this rule-set or genre soon.

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