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Operation Hydra
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Operation Hydra
Publisher: Bedrock Games
by Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/28/2010 10:36:34

Operation Hydra is a module for 2-6 novice to intermediate PCs using the Terror Network RPG rules. Based in Dallas, TX the player characters are assumed to be FBI counter terrorism agents or a mixed agency group who form a Joint Terrorism Task Force. The module is broken up into four chapters. The first contains background information, the terrorists time line and the module hook. The bulk of the module is in the next two chapters, one of locations and the other of NPCs, their stats, behavior, and knowledge. The final, short, chapter covers how to wrap up the module and its potential big finale.

In choosing to arrange events mainly by location Reuben Hinman and Bedrock Games have succeeded in building a scenario that is more like the investigative sandbox they give as their aim than the more typical "linear with a couple of options" kind. Right from the introduction your players have three paths to follow. Given the terrorists schedule and the introductory events the players should feel a sense of pace and pressure of time.

Much of the module is investigative in nature, with many of the useful clues being obtained during NPC interaction which will please storyteller players. There is a sprinkling of action, which given the lethal nature of combat in Terror Network RPG is probably all that is wise. Tactician style players will be pleased to hear that it is possible to complete Operation Hydra without the PCs firing a shot. Converting this scenario to other systems will require the GM to write stats for a medium sized cast of NPCs and to assign DCs or equivalents for gaining clues, however, there is nothing that locks Hydra to one system.

Operation Hydra is a pleasingly well designed investigative scenario.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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