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DN-02: The False Prophet $3.00
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DN-02: The False Prophet
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DN-02: The False Prophet
Publisher: Drunken Nerdery
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/05/2014 12:01:38

This adventure presents a straightforward investigation and 'puzzle dungeon' aimed at mid-level (8-10) characters. Set in an arid desert environment, it begins with an encounter where passing nomads save the day, and then invite the party to visit their village.

Everything is well-described and atmospheric, with the scene being well-set by clear details and plenty of those little details that make everything come to life. Naturally, just as the party is getting to know people, something goes wrong during a traditional religious ceremony. Opportunities are presented for them to investigate and to talk to villagers before they are inevitably led towards the dungeon that awaits them... indeed, in many ways this is pretty 'old school' in concept.

The dungeon itself is laid out in considerable detail, and hangs together well (essential if a 'puzzle' dungeon is going to work for the party). The GM is provided with an overview map and more detailed ones of particular areas, whilst a mappack full of battlemaps and further plans is provided with the download to make life easier for those who like to use miniatures or at least show the players what their characters see rather than merely describe it to them. Due to the nature of the dungeon, however, it is suggested that the party be encouraged to map it for themselves.

If the dungeon itself is not confusing enough, there's an ingenious puzzle room buried in its depths which should challenge even seasoned adventurers. When all is explored and the reasons why behind what is going on have been revealed, there are a few options for continuing the plot - or, of course, the party may prefer to take their loot and continue the adventure elsewhere.

Well-presented (although the background is at times a little dark to provide adequate contrast to the text) and well-resourced, the adventure is a little bit linear, and not everybody likes puzzle dungeons - although at leaast this one makes overall sense both in structure and in the rationale for it being there - but ought to provide good entertainment.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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