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Into the City: Map 3 $1.50
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Into the City: Map 3
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Into the City: Map 3
Publisher: Crooked Staff Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/02/2014 08:33:32

This comprises a very nice and detailed single building suitable for any fantasy city or town, presented in a diversity of ways to make it very usable in your game. There's a single page plan which is numbered and has space for your notes, a multi-sheet version to print out if you want to use miniatures and a large JPG version suitable for use with virtual table tops (or if you can get use of a poster printer).

Although it's not mentioned anywhere, the building appears to be a public bath house. Centred around a large pool area, there are what appear to be steam rooms, a couple of chambers with a smaller pool each, a changing room (complete with communal privy), reception area and a meeting room with a table and chairs. Unless your campaign setting encourages mixed bathing, you'll need to set hours as there are no facilities to provide separate changing (or in an extravagant town, there might be TWO bath houses!).

The notes page is designed for use after you have printed the plan out, unless you are adept enough with PDF technology to add your notes (if you use Acrobat, click on Comments and choose Add Text Comment then type in what you wish to say).

You can imagine all sorts of intrigue going on here, even a literal backstabbing or two... or perhaps it is a place weary and grubby adventurers might go to refresh themselves before celebrating their return in a tavern!

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