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Publisher: DramaScape
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/09/2014 11:06:27

This provides an interesting setting, a pier built out over a rocky shoreline and providing mooring for boats... and a few places to sit and enjoy the view, fish, etc. There's even an intriguing little story provided involving lights going out, boats crashing and people being attacked if you don't have a ready use for this in mind.

As usual, the download includes a PDF with a single-sheet overview and several multiple-sheet (print out and stick together) versions - hex grid, square grid or no grid at all - as well as a giant JPEG version for virtual table top users or those with access to poster-printing facilities.

It's a little disappointing that there are no buildings on shore or much of the shoreside quay shown, as well as a lack of any structure on the pier itself - what looks like buildings on the cover picture turn out to be no more than a canopy, bus shelter style, over bench seats. Some kind of shack would have been nice...

The image quality is excellent with good contrast between the planks of the decking of the pier and the rough rocks below. The top-down view, of course, makes it hard to judge relative heights of things, but the effects of water around rock are particularly well done.

I think this is a working pier, rather than a tourist attraction, but it is not quite clear - I'd expect a working pier to have nets, crates, fishing equipment and a shack or two; while a tourist attraction generally has a bit more than a couple of seats. Maybe a shorefront bar?

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