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Divine Blood: RPG Supplement $8.00
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Divine Blood: RPG Supplement
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Divine Blood: RPG Supplement
Publisher: Thrythlind Books and Games
by Simon G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/06/2014 01:51:15

Before you read this review, please note that I was involved with playtesting this product but I have at no point received any monetary compensation for my time or this review. My name is in the credits for playtesting and some small contribution to editing.

I have also purchased this product for two reasons: to support the author and because it's a setting and rules expansion for the FATE system that, in my opinion, deserves support. I thoroughly enjoy the setting which also has a novel and several short stories and I have had a real blast playing games set in this marvellously detailed world. If I honestly didn't think this was worth everyone's time and money, I wouldn't be writing this review.

The setting is anime-inspired cyberpunk meets mythology. There are Gods, Demons, Psychics and Mecha. There are nations in crisis, a grand political stage for you to explore and a fully fleshed-out magical system different to any that I've experienced in over twenty years of roleplay. There are so many styles of campaign that you can play from high school drama to psychic investigators to military campaigns to gods and demons fighting for the soul of humanity. Divine Blood builds upon Strands of Fate well, so much so that it has beaten out other styles of FATE for me personally.

If I have a criticism of this book it's that the quality of the artwork varies greatly. Some of it is sublime, some of it is ok and some of it is not so hot. Despite this there is some real talent on display and those pieces that are really excellent are worth it.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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