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Hellfrost Saga of the Frost Giants

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Hellfrost Saga of the Frost Giants
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Hellfrost Saga of the Frost Giants
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/29/2015 09:53:14

A set of four linked adventures for the world of Hellfrost. The first two scenarios are directly linked, in that the first concerns travelling to the location of the second, but the other two are linked only by a shared master villain, and set in different parts of the world - they could easily be run with a substantial gap between them. All four adventures are tied to their setting, although some more so than others, and would be difficult (although not impossible) to translate to some other game world. In particular, of course, cold is a major theme throughout.

The first adventure is quite standard fare, although well written and bringing out the atmosphere of the setting. The second concerns a siege, with the players on the defending - and apparently doomed - side. It's a good example of how to do this sort of story, something not often seen in RPG scenarios, where the PCs are more likely to be attacking somewhere from the outside. There's a nice sense of doom and battle against insurmountable odds that should make the scenario memorable.

The third adventure begins as essentially a direct re-tread of the <i>HeroQuest</i> adventure module "Orlanth is Dead", so that, should you happen to have run that you won't want to do this with the same group. Having said that, while the mystery to be solved is all but identical (and highly distinctive) the explanation for what's going on and how to solve it are entirely different.

The final scenario is basically a high level dungeon bash, fighting against the eponymous giants. For some reason, the maps here are not up to the standard of those earlier in the book, although they're perfectly functional.

All in all, a good set of scenarios, if not truly outstanding, and very useful for somebody wanting to use the Hellfrost setting and bring out some of its key elements.

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