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21 More Organizations

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21 More Organizations
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21 More Organizations
Publisher: Independence Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/30/2014 09:08:18

It's all part of bringing the Far Future to life... your Traveller universe needs to be teeming with people, ships and, yes, organisations with whom the party can interact. Such interactions can include joining the organisation, working for it on a casual basis, engaging in commerce with it, working against it or in association with it - or merely meeting a few members of it in a bar for a beer or a brawl.

Designing them all takes time and effort, so here are 21 more organisations to stir into the mix. Whilst many are quite closely linked with planets within the Clement Sector where Gypsy Knights Games material is centred, much could be transplanted to another suitable location... or of course, they may come from Clement but for some reason are being encounted somewhere else.

First up is Alpha Delta Force, an all-female paramilitary group which operates in a jungle area on the planet Tel'Kalares. They mount patrols, conduct research on what they find - both indigenous flora and fauna and any alien artefacts they come across - and have an enforcement arm which prevents unauthorised activity in 'their' jungles. There's full details on serving in it as a career, whether you need to generate Alpha Delta personnel as NPCs or incorporate it into a character background.

Then there's the Crawford Foundation, a massive charitable trust which aids research in science and medicine, supports universities and donates to political parties on the planet Boone and throughout Clement Sector, particularly on those colonies who trace their antecedents and heritage back to the US. Or maybe the Hard Chargers Spaceship Club, a bunch who spend their days travelling from one system to another and are not above the odd spot of criminal activity, seem more likely associates for your party.

Another organisation is Harbringer Productions, a holovid production company. Got any budding actors amongst your party? Or is someone starstruck over a character in their favourite show? Plenty of plot potential here. Knowing most Traveller groups, they might meet with the Cascadia Fugitive Marshals Service who are part of Cascadia's law enforcement apparatus but operate with the casual enthusiasm and disregard for planetry sovereignty of bounty hunters. Those on the right side of the law might enjoy working for them, of course. With this in mind, full career tables are provided for them as well.

If you feel in need of protection as you travel, you might wish to engage the services of the Reliable Starship Escort Service. Or you may run foul of the Smithson Crime Family, who are based on Cascadia and no doubt know the Cascadia Fugitive Marshals Service quite well! Perhaps you will meet operatives of Ministry 7, but as this is a clandestine intelligence agency you may well not be aware that you have...

And then there's the Society of Friendship, who operate a service somewhere between traditional geishas and call girls. The wealthy may hire a 'friendship artisan' as an escort to a function or a companion, or for various services of a personal nature. If your need is for weapons rather than companionship, maybe you will seek out Cutov Arms. Or you may be intrigued by the work of Intelligence Now!, a group which works to promote uplift of animals to sentience. And there's the Xenogastronomy League, the brainchild of a starshop cook fascinated by discovering how to cook the flora and fauna of every new planet he visited (sounds like several of my characters...). Then there's a group of religious craftsmen called the Children of the Father or a rather less pleasant bunch, the Council of Altrant Supremacists.... and several more groups who all add to the rich tapestry of life.

Revel in these, add them to your setting and mine their activities for adventure ideas. An excellent collection, just reading through them spawns ideas.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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