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CAH:S3 -- Iron Wolves
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CAH:S3 -- Iron Wolves
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/16/2014 08:27:28

Based on a real, if short-lived, TV cartoon series of 1988 this product provides all the detail you need to run a series of adventures in space with transforming cybernetic cops chasing intergalactic robbers! What isn't there to love?

It starts by setting the scene for the campaign. In the year 2989 the human race has spread out to the stars. Unfortunately it's not all noble explorers and upright pioneers, some crooks are out there in the black as well. Most notably, an aggressive alien race of bee-people led by Queen Pin have caused a lot of bother... and when banged up in gaol, she escaped - along with assorted villains of various species. They've formed a loose alliance and gone on to wreak criminal mayhem on the galaxy! The characters will become part of the task force whose job is to see them all behind bars again.

Next there's a note about the cartoon conventions... including the interesting point that nobody seems to need an air supply or space suit when floating around in the vacuum of space! Notes on the galaxy follow, and then it is on to the main heroes of the series - Major 'Iron' Will Powers, the commander of the Iron Wolves, and Monkey Wrench, their chief mechanic. These will probably become NPCs, giving the characters orders and fixing their ships.

There are a selection of villains who will feature as opposition, and notes on primary locations that will become regular features. Three outline episodes are provided to give you a feel for the campaign and to get you started.

Then we move on to character generation, with notes on what sort of characters will be suitable for the campaign and what qualities and abilities they will need to have, including new rules for cybernetics. If you are impatient or want ideas there are sample characters provided.

It is very much an outline and will need some planning and preparation before you are ready to run, but all the ingredients are there for an entertaining campaign in true cartoon style!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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