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Words of Spells
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Words of Spells
Publisher: Direbane Publishing
by Rich F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/03/2014 07:43:34

This is a pretty solid presentation of the SRD spells in an old-school format.

However, a quick perusal show some of the spells have incomplete information. For example, most spell list the following parameters: Name, School, Level, Components, Casting Time, Range, Effect, Duration, Saving Throw, and Spell Resistance.

Several spells do not have this complete info. For example, "Clenched Fist" only lists Name, School, Level, and Components.

There is some (to my eyes) oddball things from and old-school "Advanced" perspective. For example, the "Spell Resistance" parameter, which is a decidedly SRD expression,which is the sort of thing this book purports to excise. This is not handled per-spell in the same manner in old-school games, but in a more general fashion. Also, some spells have components which are outside of the "Advanced" V/S/M tradition, such "F/DF". I am not sure, but I'm guessing that the Spell Resistance and different component types are tied into the "S.R.D. of the All Mind" rules.

My only other quibble is the lack of bookmarks. None are provided, and the PDF is password protected, so we can't create our own.

Having said that, what I got for my $3 was a handy reference for SRD spells in an "Advanced" old-school format. You can cut/paste out the PDF, which is handy for creating spellbooks for NPCs, etc... I'd say it a good value for the price, and only the minor quibbles above keep it from being a great value. Nothing would keep someone from using this with OSRIC, for example.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review, Rich. My first one! Yes, these compilations of rules are essentially D20 SRD (i.e. version 3.5) minus skills. Skills are replaced with 1st edition-based tables either from OSCRIC (like the old thief abilities) or home-brew. My alternate rules are all in \"Knights of the All Mind\" which you can integrate into any D20 rules set. There are many spell effects that are reflected in D20 by skill adjustments, so I had to run through the SRD spells and change these effects to a 1st edition equivalent. This could be done on the fly if you had a set of D20 books, but here I evaluated and adjusted accordingly ahead of time. About \"Clenched Fist,\" the page limit to print old-school \"digest-sized\" rulebooks is generally 100 pages. I got \"Words of Spells\" down to 120 pages by sort of combining related spell references. The information missing from \"Clenched Fist\" is in \"Interposing Hand,\" which \"Clenched Fist\" refers back to. Complicated & clumsy, yes. Most of these type of related spells are grouped together (e.g. \"Teleport,\" \"Teleport Object,\" & \"Teleport, Greater\"), but for \"Clenched Fist\" the related spell is 40 pages away. Ugh! I can see where bookmarks would be helpful. I am using Open Office to create the source material and then exporting to PDF, so I\'ll figure out how to use the bookmark feature in Open Office and see if bookmarks get retained after export to PDF. If these books are going to be used electronically I may as well join the 21st century. :~) Well, thank you very much for picking up \"Words of Spells\" and taking time to review it.
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