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Little Things: The First Offering
Publisher: Black Goat Games
by Riley V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/16/2014 14:30:14

If you'd like a few dark ideas for your fantasy games, I think you might like Little Things. It's got some good ideas, but it feels a little short to me. Since half of the content is available freely online, and the other half is mostly just tables, it also feels a little like a grab bag of stuff based around a general grimdark theme.

Still for BGG's first foray into published material, it's off to a promising start. I think one should consider Little Things more of a sampler of the dark content that Black Goat Games can and will output in the future.

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Little Things: The First Offering
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the great, honest review, sir! Also, the review on your site is quite expanded and very well done, I feel. It\'s excellent feedback that helps make future products more, well, excellent. (Excellenter?) I do want to note (for those reading) that some of the the freebies on the site will be cut down and will be offered up on here, in better laid out, newly edited form, as Pay What You Want. That\'s what I\'m working on at this very moment, in fact. Aside from typing this out, I mean. Cheers! Steve
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