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Space Station
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Space Station
Publisher: DramaScape
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/30/2014 09:59:52

You can get starship plans a-plenty for your SF game, but space stations are less common. So it's good to have a comprehensive and versatile one...

This one is pretty good as far as it goes. There are five levels in all and something called an 'outer platform' which is a little unclear as to what it is for, precisely. The bulk of the cubic is in two accommodation levels, one designated officer country with space for four of them along with kitchen, wardroom, conference space, a couple of offices and the mysterious Alpha Core. The other is much more cramped with space for 48 crewmen. They get a kitchen, mess hall and a large but shared bathroom space (officers have en suite facilities). The other three levels are a medbay, a bridge and the security facility, complete with a cell block.

As well as the usual overview there's a second one which shows what the individual spaces are - the main version, used in all the scale drawings, has drawings of the furniture and other fixtures and fittings rather than labels. The full-scale drawings come in single sheet (for virtual table top use) and in 3 forms of page-by-page - square grid, hex grid and plain. The single sheet versions are plain and ungridded, one sheet per level. These are all 'line art' blueprint style rather than photorealistic, of course, fitting in with other issues in this series. I find the drawings less crisp than I'd like, but they give a good impression of what's where.

However, what sort of space station is it? What do all those crewmen do? There are no work areas, no docking facilities, nowhere for visitors to go... it feels like you have only got part of the picture, that this might be the resident staff block of a larger space station rather than the whole thing.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
You know when you really need a way to sneak in and there is that coms array you have seen with an airlock next to it, well thats the outer platform.
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