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High-Space Ship Schematics 1 $5.00
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High-Space Ship Schematics 1
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High-Space Ship Schematics 1
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Gonzalo D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/28/2014 04:56:58

StoryWeaver people put a lot of passion and heart into their products, and High-Space is a great way to run Space Opera / "Hard" Sci-Fi Savage Worlds games.

I love The Lantern setting, the Anti-Pattern meta-plot and the huge possibilities that offers to GM imagination in order to expand the High-Space setting.

With High-Space Schematics 1 you get info about 7 ships (including deck plans) with short flavor text explaining the source and purpose of every ship.

If you are looking for ship battle maps this is not your product, but High Schematics 1 is perfect if you want to use these ships just as starting point for your own creations or if you want to use the deck plans in order to run narrative scenes or to create tactical complications inside a ship.

The ships are not heavy armed, that is good for starting groups and small factions but if you want to use them for strong organizations in your game, you will need to increase the Adquisition Points and upgrade the basic ships (U.R.C, PTILE or UGP Military ships should be better armed than basic ships because their bigger budgets).

Supporting an indie company like StoryWeaver is a true pleasure for me and of course, I'm waiting for new stuff...

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