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Naval Perils
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Naval Perils
Publisher: Metal Weave Games
by John M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/25/2014 18:52:55

If anything, I like this even better than Naval Encounters (which I like). And when you put the the two together, they are a great addition to any Numenera game. Like Naval Encounters, this book covers the skies as well as the seas.

The formatting in Naval Perils works for me. The pages are full pages and the double column format makes them easy to read. The art is great, and the look professional.

There are three main sections: Locations, Vessels, and Creatures.

Locations includes eight evocative and weird settings. From underwater reefs of death to botanical skystations, each setting has 1 - 3 plot hooks and evocative art.

Vessels lays out nine sea and/or air going vessels, all of which use the Naval Encounters rules, useful if you want ship to ship combat among other things. Each one lists crew, stats, cargo, and numenera enhancements. There is a lovely flying pirate ship that will see use at my table.

Creatures is a ten page bestiary of things that swim, fly, and get in your player characters' faces. I particularly like the Kyolos, a creature that jumps between the material world and the datasphere that changes weather patterns and leaves rifts of glimmers in its wake.


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