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Insta-NPCs #0: A Simple Plan
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Insta-NPCs #0: A Simple Plan
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Will S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/21/2015 01:37:43

So this is a single d100 npc generator. Wasn't really impressed with it, mainly because it doesn't bother to separate out different kinds of traits (physical, personality, etc.) There are a ton of similar products out there, and writing a more interesting one yourself isn't too difficult. You could do worse for free, but not worth the space it takes up on your hard drive / tablet imo.

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Insta-NPCs #0: A Simple Plan
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Kenneth N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/11/2014 03:10:57

Review from:

This is the first of a series of reviews that will take a look at Moebius Adventures Insta-NPCs. This review will look at items #0 A Simple Plan and #1 Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance.

All of the products follow the same design layout but the later ones are visibly more advanced and easier to use (more about that in later reviews). Each product is a black and white PDF. At the end of each PDF is an advert, just before that there is a page of 4 examples of interesting fantasy NPCs that are created using the product.

A Simple Plan is a short product of just 4 pages consisting of a title page, a d% chart, examples, and adverts.

Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance, at 5 pages, is longer. It has a title page, examples, adverts, and 3 charts: 2 d20 and a d%. The layout is clear but I would’ve liked the 2 d20 charts to be side by side not split and put one above the other. (This quirk of layout is only found in this title.)

In Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance there are some good rounded lists but is missing some keywords (depressed and joyful) that I would’ve included.

In Use

Throughout this series of reviews I’ll be creating, and adding depth, to 2 NPCs. These are from a potential superhero campaign. The 2 NPCs are a friend and an enemy.

A Simple Plan

Despite what I said about A Simple Plan only having a single chart there is a subchart that tells how many descriptors a character has. For the enemy I rolled for a single descriptor. The friend has 2 descriptors.

Enemy: Overbearing

First impressions are that the enemy likes to takes things into his own hands and have things go his way.

Friend: Witty & Defiant

A dry wit that makes those around them smile with laughter, or blank face them because they don’t get it. They don’t back down from doing what they believe.

Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance

Enemy Motivation: Honour Attitude: Reflective Appearance: Outdoorsy

The dark side of honour is fulfilled by this character. The hero then will be best if they show te good side of honour. I can see him being an active William Blake type character who goes out of his way to preserve England’s Green and Pleasant Land. They feel honour bound to look after the lands and lives smei-rough. Treats others with respect until they prove they don’t deserve any.

They like to take long walks alone to meditate on things that are going on in their life at the moment. He also likes to stare out upon the countryside when has to think things over

Friend Motivation: Recognition Attitude: Brave Appearance: Dainty

When I saw the dainty roll I had an image of a small lass who is quite attractive, causes people to smile (and too look at her twice), and wants to be seen as a talented and useful person and not just a bit of eye candy.

I am also seeing a bit of a flirty character who likes to flirt with the hero to make him a bit uncomfortable because she respects, trusts, and likes him. Maybe she has a crush on him but he is too blind to see it. He sees her as a person, like she wants, but not as a attractive woman as she also wants.


These products are cheap PDFs that, when used together, create a rounded character with the addition of dice and imagination.

I would like the formatting of Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance to be redone as to match the later products in the series. (Edit: the publisher has said that an update to formatting will be forthcoming.)

As a whole these 2 products together are cheap and are worth adding to the soloists toolbox.

Creating NPCs before PCs, like I am doing here, has also made me realise creating NPCs that surround a PC can be an interesting way of creating the main hero. So far the hero is a honourable person who is blind to the fact that his best friend is an attractive woman who wants attention from him and to become his girlfriend.

A Simple Plan

Quality: 5/5 Usefulness: 4/5 Cost Effectiveness: n/a Overall: 5/5

Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance</h3>

Quality: 4/5 (points lost for the split tables) Usefulness: 4/5 Cost Effectiveness: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the great review! I\'ll see what I can do about fixing some of the formatting issues.
Insta-NPCs #0: A Simple Plan
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Nils A. T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/05/2014 09:42:12

Insta-NPCs is a great little supplement for creating NPCs on the fly (or in advance if you're in need of random strangers to populate your adventures) and covers 100 varied traits to describe them. And it's free! How can you beat that? It would be more expensive for you to create your own, so just download it already.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for the review! I\'m glad you found it useful!
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