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The Big Crime: Death Kisses Coldly $4.95
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The Big Crime: Death Kisses Coldly
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The Big Crime: Death Kisses Coldly
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/17/2014 10:16:53

This is an interesting approach to a police prodcedural story told in film noir style, and really captures the essence well. Read through, you can see that film playing out in your mind's eye... yet it is laid out in such a way that doesn't completely railroad the characters into following a script but gives them freedom to make their own choices within the constraints of the plot.

More, it comes in two versions: the Theatrical Release and the Director's Cut. The first is designed for two players and a GM (Director, natch), with pre-generated characters who are tied closely into the plot. It would make an excellent one-off game if there's just 3 of you available to play.

As for the Director's Cut, this version is designed for groups who would rather play their own characters. The core concept is to give the characters the same motivations, the same background, as the pre-generated ones so that the story will work just as well. They should be the stars of the movie, the ones the story is all about. The ones who, in classic film noir style, are caught up in events beyond their control.

If you have more than two players, there are some other roles which they could be assigned - using their own characters if appropriate or one of the listed NPCs if preferred.

It's an intense, brooding little scenario. Which ever way you decide to run it, make sure that the characters are intimately involved, not bystanders looking in on the drama. It may be tempting to step back, taking the events as recounted as being something player-character cops (or reporters or the like) have to investigate, but the game won't be quite the same, it would lose the flavour of the genre that comes over when the player-characters are so intimately involved themselves.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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