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Toys for the Sandbox 118: The Way Station $3.99
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Toys for the Sandbox 118: The Way Station
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Toys for the Sandbox 118: The Way Station
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/08/2014 08:19:24

Adventuring often involves journeys. Journeys, at least in the cod-mediaeval setting of your average fantasy game, involve days of travel and nights spent in places you'd probably never stay in by choice. Yet they can be potent sources of side-adventures and events to break up the tedium of a journey, to make the travelling an integral part of the adventure rather than something the party does to get from Plot A to Plot B...

So here is one of these places the party might stop for the night, any time they are passing through a chilly mountainous region of the campaign world. Complete with its history and a description of its quite interesting construction - a series of yurts rather than more substantial buildings - it is peopled with some interesting and, in at least one case, downright odd individuals with whom the party can interact.

To add to the potential, there are a few plot ideas you could use. Each has several 'twists' that you can throw in to alter the main premise, you could indeed use more than one if so desired. Many could lead to whole adventures of their own, sending the characters off in some unexpected direction - both physically and in terms of plot - or they can serve purely as something to enliven the evening before they depart as intended the next morning.

A neat little piece to keep in your files until a suitable opportunity arises... or perhaps you will be inspired to make it an integral part of your ongoing story.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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