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Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds
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Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds
Publisher: Mongoose
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/20/2014 12:52:05

This is something that any Traveller referee needs to keep handy. Not only is it a practical way to get out of trouble if the party decides to go somewhere unanticipated leaving you without anything prepared that's suitable for wherever they went, it can also help spark ideas when you are planning adventures in the normal manner.

It is divided into three sections: Patrons, Plots and Rendez-vous. The first two are pretty obvious, the third is a collection of locations to use with your patrons and plots (or indeed in anything else you have planned).

The Patrons section begins with a swift overview of what you need to have in hand for a good adventure - boiled down to the '4 Ps' of Plots, People, Places and Props. It gives good advice about how to make your NPCs come to life for the party, how to make them into individual people rather than clone Barkeep #7 or Gangster #17. Then there's a wonderful collection of '36 Dramatic Situations' which you may choose or roll 2d6 on a table for... any could provide the meat for at least a single adventure if not a whole campaign. Each one states what is needed - people, other plot devices, etc. - and gives an example in a couple of sentences. Then there's advice on mixing different situations together to create something even more exciting than one on its own, and then how to cope when the party doesn't do what you'd intended them to do... a frequent occurance, at least in my games.

Oh, and then we get on to the actual Patrons! Each one is presented in the standard format with a notes as to requirements in terms of the skills and equipment that the party will need, the actual task - as both player and referee information, so it's clear even if you are in a hurry what you actually tell the party - and a selection of twists and outcomes you can either roll a d6 on or pick the one that takes your fancy. Even a quick glance shows that the various situations are very inventive and will feel like well-thought-out adventures from the player side of the table.

And there's more: a collection of 'situations' where events overtake the party and they'll have to deal with them before getting on with whatever adventure they're engaged in, 'elaborations' where there's a whole bunch of detailed material that will make their lives interesting (and occasionally even profitable as well), and 'starport chatter' - a collection of news items and rumours that can fly around any starport, it's up to you if they are meaningful or just background colour. Finally, there is a selection of 'world seeds' which are little nuggets of information you can throw in to make a particular planet sound that little bit more interesting.

Next up, Plots. This contains even more classic patron encounters, all interesting and repleate with potential. There are also some 'introductions' which are designed to bring something - that may feature in an upcoming adventure - to the party's attention, such as a brawl breaking out in the starport concourse between two groups or factions at least one of which they will be getting involved with in the future. A neat idea. Advertisements, red herrings (things which sound profitable but probably are not), a selection of personal ads and 'gimmicks' - strange and sometimes useful items they may see or someone might attempt to sell to them. A collection of Library Data rounds off this section.

And so we come to the Rendez-vous section. This is a vast collection of locations in which you can set part of the action, or use in any other way that seems appropriate. Beginning with a note on adapting these locations - basically all designed for standard 'human' space - to alien settings, it launches into listings categorised by type: accommodation, restaurants and bars, entertainment, emergency services, sites of interest, shops, education, services and the nooks and crannies of starports themselves. For each location, there's a name, a description and notes on associated costs, NPCs likely to be there and suggestions for things that might happen there over and above whatever reason has brought the party there in the first place. Oh, and one location - Flashing Blades in the entertainment section - is derived from a place I invented in the course of an adventure I wrote for BITS many, many years ago. Good to see that it is still going strong!

However inventive you might be, you will still find ideas that can improve your game. Definitely one to add to the collection.

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