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Quick Decks 6: Frontier Starports $5.00
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Quick Decks 6: Frontier Starports
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Quick Decks 6: Frontier Starports
Publisher: DSL Ironworks
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/17/2014 10:29:15

If you are looking for a 'plan for a starport' you are in the wrong place: but if you are looking for the components to map out bits of a starport when who's where becomes important, here you will find the tools that you need.

I generally think of starports a bit like airports, places to pass through or hang about waiting for departure (or when meeting someone). So you need lots of space, facilities for dropping people or good off or picking them up, and there's likely to be security, retail outlets, food and drink and facilities appropriate to whatever immigration and customs controls there might be wherever your starport is located. Then there's the underside, the working side. This includes the facilities to support the folk who work there - who need offices, stores, break rooms, comfort facilites and somewhere to eat. There is also the services required by those who use the starport as part of their work, from people who crew spaceships to those who supply and repair them. Workshops, storage and so on.

So, what do you get here? There's a lot of rather bland floor and wall tiles you can use to make whatever space you need. There are some quite good seating areas for the places people have to wait in. There's a nice security barrier for ground vehicle traffic in and out of the starport area. There are offices, staircases, even more waiting areas, tables, kitches, rest rooms, bars, smart entrances and rather more mundane ones... the sort of sleeping facilities suitable for transients, even a shower block, workshops, medical centre, corridors... and a few examples where all of these have been put together to provide sample locations.

There is an Introduction that gives a few hints and tips, mostly to help with printing; and a contents list which helps you make out what each sheet is supposed to be (not all are that obvious just looking at the plans). There is also a comprehensive legend (map key) to explain all the symbols used. The 'Layers' facility can be accessed to customise the plans somewhat, quite neatly.

Overall, this is a useful toolkit - but you will need to work out the overall plan for yourself, and decide which bits you need to have in more detail. This will no doubt be determined by what you intend to take place there - a party just passing through may need no more than a brief verbal description, but if the characters get into a brawl, you will find this very useful indeed!

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