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Spell Innovations, Mirror Image
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Spell Innovations, Mirror Image
Publisher: The Knotty-Works
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/06/2014 11:21:07

The Mirror Image spell is quite fun to start with, and an innovative wizard can do a lot to confuse his enemies (or entertain his friends) with it. Here there are a full ten variations on the basic spell, with the potential to cause even more mayhem.

One neat variant is Duplicate Target. To cast it, you make a touch attack on an enemy, and it is designed to confuse his allies making it harder for any healing or buffs to be applied to him. Although there are now several of him (just like Mirror Image) you can distinguish which is the real one, even the other members of your party can tell who they ought to be hitting.

Or maybe you'd prefer Mirror Image Intervention, which cuts down the random chance of someone hitting you rather than one of your images - the mirror images actually get in the way of attacks, the basic spell allows for one such intervention, and as you rise in level more of them do so.

If you really do not wish to be hit, go for Mirror Image Evasion which not only creates mirror images of you, you yourself become invisible.

A neat little collection for those who want to try something a little different with a classic spell.

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