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FC2 - Slaughter at Sengais $3.00
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FC2 - Slaughter at Sengais
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FC2 - Slaughter at Sengais
Publisher: Adventures in Filbar
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/25/2014 11:51:50

This adventure is suitable for a group of low-level adventurers who have just completed two or three adventures and are beginning to talk about taking a rest... only they won't be getting it straight away, as the peaceful village they are heading for is under attack even as they arrive!

The adventure is straightforward: the party must beat off the attack, and if possible find out why it happened and where the attackers came from. To that end, the village is described, with plenty of incidents for the characters to get involved in, and assorted villagers meeting with greater or lesser success at defending themselves - although most if not all will be grateful for some help. However they have no idea why they were attacked. The clues are there, however, to lead the party onwards to defeat the aggressors in their lair... if they find them! It may take a measure of DM prodding to make sure that they find sufficient information.

As usual from this publisher, there are good simple descriptions of everything to be found, with associated stat blocks as necessary, with clear simple maps and a few photographs to set the scene. It adds a nice forest village to the campaign world (provided it survives relatively unscathed), and leaves the party feeling that they can be useful members of society wherever they go - as there will always be those willing to threaten peaceful folk.

Overall, a simple and straightforward adventure that can fit in readily with whatever else is going on.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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