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Mythic Minis 6: Guardian Path Abilities $1.00
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Mythic Minis 6: Guardian Path Abilities
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Mythic Minis 6: Guardian Path Abilities
Publisher: Legendary Games
by Jeff A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/23/2014 00:09:18

So, to start out with, I want to say I've bought several of LG's PDF's. In general I've been very satisfied, or even impressed.

Not so here.

So, each PDF is $1 ok, that's not so bad, right? Well, each PDF is also 1 page. Wait, what? 1 page? yep. Now yes, there's a cover, and some legal stuff, but you get exactly ONE PAGE for one dollar. So, lets say your favorite book is 400 pages, are you going to spend $400 to read it? Not me... Sadly I bought these (I got Guardian, Trickster, and Champion) around the same time, so I (foolishly) didn't read one before the other (again, I've had pretty good luck with LG stuff up to this point).

Now, you say, yes, but if it's REALLY good stuff, that you just HAVE to have in you're campaign, surely that's not so bad.... right?


First up, (and this is what truly enrages me) they're REPRINTING from one to the next, they're not even original. ALL 3 have a path power called Analytical Eye as a first tier power, and they are identical (gee.. maybe put it in the Universal Path...) then 2 of the three have the follow-up power "That Trick won't work on me Anymore", while the third (Champion) has "Two can Play at that Game". To be fair the Champion version is different, though not by much (almost an inversion), still, at least they bothered to type something instead of cut-n-pasting it. Further, both Guardian and Champion have the powers "Mythic Rider" and "Trick Rider" again cut-n-paste. Since I'm not planning on blowing anymore cash on this series, I can't prove it, but I'd almost be willing to be a dollar <innocent grin> that Marshall is going to have pretty much all of these as well...

Now, I know... It's only a dollar. But, for a dollar, for one one-sided page... really?

The only other irksome thing is that the Champion book doesn't even have a 6th tier power... too bad there wasn't enough room... If only there was something they could have left out.... but oh well.

As for the quality of the powers themselves. Meh. Most of them read like better-than-average feats as opposed to anything truly MYTHIC. They're not bad, and there are one or two that I'd consider taking, or even recommending to another player... but they're not must-haves, they're more like high-quality fillers for a tier when nothing else tickles your fancy.

And if you're wondering, the answer is yes. I'm cut-n-pasting this review for all three books. Hey, if they can do it and charge me a dollar for it, why can't I review them that way... and I'm not even charging for it!

The "Big Picture"... Would I buy it again? NO Would I recommend it? Nope.

[Please note this review is for Mythic Minis 6, Guardian Path Abilities]

[1 of 5 Stars!]
Mythic Minis 6: Guardian Path Abilities
Publisher: Legendary Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/21/2014 10:35:18

Mythic characters are defined, at least in part, by their path abilities; and so here are a collection of them for characters following the Guardian path.

They make interesting reading, combining good observational skills with some ferocious combat abilities - just the thing for the aspiring protector. Several, as appropriate for this style of play, will enable you to pull off spectacular if not cinematic exploits.

At the first tier, there is the choice of Analytical Eye (spot opponent's weak spots), Flanking Foil (dodging even when flanked), Pike Chopper (fun one, lets you attempt to sever a pole arm you are being attacked with), and Terrible Courage (fear effects? Nah, don't work on you...).

In second tier, you have access to Mythic Rider (you stay onboard your mount when lesser mortals would fall off), Parting Shot (they may think they've downed you but you can still strike back), Shielded Perimeter (protect your allies as you move around them), the wonderfully-named That Trick Doesn't Work on Me Anymore (having previously used Analytic Eye on someone, he cannot use a feat you know he has against you) and Trick Rider (again enhancement of your riding or animal handling skills).

Finally at sixth tier there is Healing Sink (maximises healing effects applied to you) and To The Last Breath, which lets you remain clear-headed and active even at death's door.

Play with these, and build an awesome Guardian.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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