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Bangers (for Trigger Happy) $2.99
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Bangers (for Trigger Happy)
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Bangers (for Trigger Happy)
Publisher: TaleSpinner Holdings
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/18/2014 11:29:58

You may think teenage urban gangsters are bad enough... but what if they had superpowers to go with the bad attitude?

This supplement for the Trigger Happy RPG gives you the tools to find out, a mechanism for adding superpowers to what is already an explosive mix. The fear and horror felt by the authorities might be alleviated a little did they but know that such powers are temporary, fading as the teenager ages, and may even be beneficial with the 'rush' the youngsters feel so great that many abandon a drug habit as their powers burgeon... yet sadly most of then end their days in violence or behind bars.

The first part of this work explains all this, then we turn to the game mechanical aspects starting with how to amend a standard Protagonist (i.e. Trigger Happy RPG character) build to include such powers. There are detailed notes on how to create your superpower and decide on the triggers that make that power appear. A power is classified by offence, defence and utility ratings from 0 to 5; with there being a maximum of 10 points with which to build the power: remember that these are youngsters with at best erratic control over their abilities.

After a discussion of how to actually use the powers once designed, some sample powers are given to get you started. Finally some fully-developed characters are presented, including full stat blocks as well as background information.

It's an interesting and unusual variant to bring into a street-gang game, and if you want to take it out of grim reality without losing too much of the grimness yet adding a fantastical edge it's definitely worth a look. And Banger? It's the nickname given to these superpowered juveniles, apparently derived from the sound one of the first obverved made as his power manifested.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the review. If you have further questions regarding this or other products, reach out to me and I\'ll answer them as I can.
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