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A Stitched in Time
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A Stitched in Time
Publisher: Silver Gryphon Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/09/2014 11:37:54

With this adventure, Æther goes full bore into the supernatural. The opening pages postulate a secretive part of the FBI called Bureau 8, so secret that its agents operate in isolation away from the FBI and for whom the TV show The X-Files was a wonderful smoke-screen. Although the adventure can be completed with characters who are operating in normal 'ghost hunter' mode, the intended party is a group of Bureau 8 agents. To facilitate this part-generated characters are provided, with a core Federal Agent template which can then be customised by players to create the character that they want to play but one who has the correct skills and background for this adventure.

The adventure itself begins with the party being sent to speak with a mortician who has an... interesting... body on the slab, and is concerned with the ensuing investigation that will lead them through the underbelly of wellstone City. The investigation is reasonably straightforward although some quite critical clues are hard to notice - you may find it necessary to point things out if die rolls go against characters who are looking in the right places, or even make things more obvious to those who miss the places to look.

There are a few brief ideas for follow-up adventures, but this is basically a one-shot. You may, of course, like the Bureau 8 concept and wish to make a campaign of your own based around it.

Quite a few new rules related to the supernatural are introduced here, things that are not in the core rules. These are explained clearly and will be useful if you like having supernatural elements in your game. In a few places there are errors that a thorough proofreading would have caught but they are minor and the meaning can be discerned without much effort.

Overall it is a neat adventure with a good concept that could lead to plenty further adventures if the supernatural-heavy idea, if not Bureau 8 itself, appeals.

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