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[SSK] - Starship Kit - Volume 4 - Weapon Generator $1.25
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[SSK] - Starship Kit - Volume 4 - Weapon Generator
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[SSK] - Starship Kit - Volume 4 - Weapon Generator
Publisher: Ennead Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/06/2014 05:07:53

Many science-fiction game systems have their own spacehip design rules, but these tend to throw out very standardised vessels, so it is good to have a series of more generic works to aid in the creation of the wide diversity of vessels that are far more likely to be found out in the black. Use them in conjunction with your chosen ruleset to develop original and interesting starships.

This volume deals with offensive weapons. You need to be able to defend yourself out there after all!

It works by means of a series of tables, although if you prefer more control you can of course select the options you want rather than roll for them. These tables enable you to determine the 'class' of weapon (i.e. how powerful an example of the sort of weapon it is), its 'variation' (which provides wonderfully descriptive terms but also allows for a wide range of differences between otherwise similar weapons), its location, the sort of damage it does and the actual weapon type itself.

You will then need to do a bit of work to convert what you have got to your chosen ruleset, to cater for those details like how much damage that weapon actually does, in terms that work for the game mechanics you are using. That ought to be reasonably straightforward, compare your weapon description with existing ones in your rules and decide if it does more, less or the same damage...

A neat example of how to add more variety to starship weapon systems.

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