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Traveller Hephaestus

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Traveller Hephaestus
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Traveller Hephaestus
Publisher: 13Mann Verlag
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/03/2014 06:30:57

A classic space adventure: explore a wrecked alien ship packed full of unknown technology and dangers. Add in competition from pirates, scavengers, agents of various authorities and what is there not to like?

There is quite a lot of background for the Referee to absorb, this is an adventure for which thorough preparation is recommended. There is an extensive introduction explaining the people who built the vessel, their culture and their purposes - just how much characters will manage to discover is questionable, but diligent and inquisitive ones with an archaeological bent should find it fascinating.

The ship is vast - 9km long with multiple decks - but not all of it has survived. That which has is described in good detail, which should make explaining what the party can see easy (one you get over the word 'bulkhead' being used to describe a hatch rather than an internal wall!). There is a lot to explore, and that would be an adventure in itself.

The next section provides some reasons for visiting the ship as well as introducing the other individuals and factions who have taken an interest and who will provide, if anything, more opposition than the derelict ship and its systems... opposition which may have ramifications over and above squabbling over the ship itself. There are also three potential 'employers' who may approach the party regarding the exploration and salvage of the vessel.

Further notes cover possible future events and the results of experimentation/tampering with ship systems (in addition to information already contained in the description of the ship itself), and details of the notable 'special salvage' items that the party may retrieve and try to sell on.

The whole is presented in a very open-ended manner. There is this alien ship, these are the other parties interested... now introduce your party and leave them to decide how they wish to become involved and what they want to do. In some ways it's reminiscent of the classic Traveller adventure 'Annic Nova' but this adventure has a lot to commend it, bringing out the alien yet familiar feel of technology and providing a lot to do. Recommended.

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