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Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardy
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Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardy
Publisher: Silver Gryphon Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/21/2013 11:03:52

It is Winterfeast in Summerfort, a time when the calm chill of winter is enlivened by ten days of feasting and merriment. Only there's something evil stirring in the nearby forests and Master Nicholas, the wisest wizard in town, wants the party to go out into the snow to investigate.

This adventure is based around exploration, but there are combats to be fought and puzzles to be solved with a culminating moral dilemma that will make the characters consider the very nature of being a hero.

It opens dramatically, with a frantic local pleading for help to rescue his daughter from 'monsters' - a task which of itself should be simple enough but which brings the characters to Master Nicolas's attention and the main part of the plot develops from then on. Once out in the woods, it soon becomes clear that all is not how it ought to be...

Everything is clearly if loosely presented. There are no maps for the forest, just encounters which need to happen if the adventure is to be brought to a conclusion. All the information you'll need to run each encounter is provided, however, making it all quite straightforward to run the adventure. There are one or two places where a little proofreading would have improved things, but it is possible to discern what is meant.

Overall it is a nice winter-themed adventure to keep a party occupied, and several ideas for follow-on adventures are provided. Whilst it is written for the Ingenium RPG, if you are happy providing the necessary rule mechanics it would translate well into most fantasy games.

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