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Advanced Races 6: Kobolds (Pathfinder RPG) $5.99
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Advanced Races 6: Kobolds (Pathfinder RPG)
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Advanced Races 6: Kobolds (Pathfinder RPG)
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/06/2013 15:05:41

What do you think when someone says 'Kobold'? Do you reach automatically for your sword? This book may not change your mind, but it will give you greater insight into what those scaly little fellows are all about.

Or even inspire you to play one, if your GM permits...

Or if you ARE a GM, it should help you bring them to life, for at least as long as it takes the party to get their slaying faces on.

Kobolds are portrayed as desperate survivors, ones who cannot even rely on those who hatched out of the same clutch of eggs, never mind the same species. This has bred into them innate cunning and wariness. Here you can read all about the life of a kobold from its hatching to old age (if it lives that long), their religious beliefs, and their place in Midgard (if you use that setting).

There's a section on kobolds as player-characters, which includes a very complex kobold name-generating table (well, roll percentage dice four times). For kobolds not only have given names they also have descriptive nicknames or sobriquets that they acquire based on appearance or behaviour. Interestingly, they do not seem to go in for family names. Perhaps it is just that they do not have much sense of family! In game mechanical terms, the sobriquet can suggest a trait; and there's a list of kobold-specific traits associated with some of the more common sobriquets as well as other more general racial traits that may be used if preferred.

Next comes an extensive list of kobold feats. Some are restricted to kobolds, but others are open to anyone who meets the prerequisites... although actually learning them could prove interesting if you need to find a kobold teacher! Several are based on kobold talents at fighting dirty and apparently the little beasts are good at using their claws to climb. Several kobold archetypes are provided including an archanomechanist and a clockwork alchemist - smart kobolds can come up with some really interesting ideas, it seems. But there are several combat-oriented archetypes as well, possibly fitting the common perception of the small, ferocious, cowardly creature many adventurers hold.

New spells, kobold equipment and a fascinating discourse about the traps that they manufacture follow; and finally there are some magic items.

All in all, a fascinating glimpse at the secret life of the kobold. Your first thought may still be to clobber one as soon as you see it, but you'll know a bit more about them after reading this!

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