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The Ruins of Ramat (S&W) $3.50
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The Ruins of Ramat (S&W)
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The Ruins of Ramat (S&W)
Publisher: Arcana Creations
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/02/2015 10:20:37

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This one is for Swords & Wizardry, but can be played in any OSR game really.
14 pages, 2 mapes, cover, ogl. This is the S&W conversion of the Castles & Crusades adventure. The adventure is a good introductory adventure for players and low level characters. It is a simple two level dungeon that used to be the home of an evil cult. So there are a lot of undead and some demonic powers here. The catacombs are supposed to be filled with treasure according to legends. Given that this all takes place on "Witch Hill" I would want to expand its history a bit to say more about the cults that were there. I would make the cult a coven of witches. What I think works best about this module is not only can it be located anywhere, but it can even be located under anything in another adventure. A little tinkering and suddenly I have "The Ruins on Witch Hill".

Does it work with The Witch class? Well. There are no witches in this. So unless I want to make an active cult there (and that is really a good idea) then there is not much to add from my book. Save for some magic items and scrolls with ancient spells.

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