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Encounters for Wandering Adventurers (Fantasy Dungeons)
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Encounters for Wandering Adventurers (Fantasy Dungeons)
Publisher: DiscerningDM
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 11/17/2013 11:56:52

Sometimes you need an encounter in a hurry. Sometimes you are sitting looking at an empty dungeon map and wondering just what to put in it... whatever your needs, if you run fantasy dungeon-based adventures this book is here to help.

The neat thing is, it is more than a wandering monster/encounter table; although you can use it as one if you wish. It starts off with one, you can roll a d20 and/or select a suitable adversary from the list. The next few pages, although labelled 'Table of Contents,' are a bit more than that. Under each adversary from the list are two or three options, described in a single sentence. If you are in a rush, and confident in the mechanics of your chosen ruleset, you could run off of these: "A group of hobgoblin trainees are sparring in this area of the dungeon, overseen by a one-eyed commander with battered mail and a wicked glaive" is just one entry under Hobgoblin, yet sets the entire scene for an encounter.

But there's more! Next comes the list again, with those single-sentence scene-setters.. and a whole lot more to expand on the situation, provide possible twists and more. All you need to do is slot in the appropriate stat blocks and other game mechanics for your chosen ruleset, decide when and where the encounter will take place and slot it in.

Let's go back to the hobgoblin example quoted earlier. This expands on the entry by explaining that whilst the trainees are engrossed in their drill, their commander is a bit more alert and will spot the approach of even stealthy parties. Then come the twists. Perhaps the trainees are conscripts and not particularly interested in fighting. Or the commander will trade battle stories with the party rather than brawl with them, or he might offer to fight a duel with a party member rather than risk such untrained recruits in combat.

And there is, of course, a whole lot more, the better part of an hundred different options when you stir all of this up together. Plenty to keep your adventurers busy and their players entertained - and all presented in a clear manner that is easy to use either mid-dungeon or when you are planning the next game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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