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NPC Strategy Cards
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NPC Strategy Cards
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/18/2014 08:37:06

A simple, neat and elegant GM's tool... labelled for Pathfinder but useful whatever game system you are playing.

In the heat of battle, it is easy enough even as a player to lose track of your character's considered goals and the best path to achieve them: even harder as a GM with a whole mob of NPCs to handle as well as the overall moderation of the game! It also helps you give NPCs some individuality: this one is cautious, this one is rash especially if he's had a few drinks, this one fights dirty whilst that one is clinically efficient until someone insults his Momma...

A brief key and a sample card is provided, then there are several blanks. Being a PDF, you can print out as many as you need. They are not set up to enable typing in, you are expected to print and scribble - but if you use Adobe Acrobat, go into the Comment|Annotations menu and pick Text Comment. If doing this, remember to save a blank copy so that you can reuse the cards again and again first.

The card covers a range of things: to start with the NPC's name (Fred, Spear Carrier #2 or whatever), a reference for his full stat block (scenario notes, a bestiary...), and the vital ones, his AC and hit points. His role - why he's wherever he is - and morale too.

Then there are a variety of situations with space for you to jot down what he will do in those circumstances. It starts off with Ease, or what he does when not under any kind of threat. Then Alert, what he does when he thinks something's up. Then there are spaces to record his likely actions in Melee and Ranged combat, and the final slot is Blood - what he's going to do when it's all going wrong for him and he's dropping below half his hit points.

It's a really neat idea. Of course, you can come up with other things you might want to have. What does he do if intimidated? What are his 'triggers' for flying into a rage? Can he be bribed and if so, what does it take? I guess that's what the back of the card is for!

And best of all, they're free :)

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