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SANTIAGO AP #1: A Visit to Keepsake: The Hunt Begins (PATHFINDER RPG) $0.00
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SANTIAGO AP #1: A Visit to Keepsake: The Hunt Begins (PATHFINDER RPG)
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SANTIAGO AP #1: A Visit to Keepsake: The Hunt Begins (PATHFINDER RPG)
Publisher: EN Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/04/2013 10:49:16

Designed to embroil the characters in the plotline from the get-go, the opening scene comes over as a bit forced: a group of strangers standing in a completely automated post office decide, apparently on a whim, to team up and go after three very dangerous brothers for the price that is on their heads?

It might be preferable to run an introductory scene of your own that gets the party together and deciding that they actually want to be bounty hunters first! Anyway, once the initial identification of the first targets has been made, the action flows well, with an array of clues to be gathered that will bring them to the right place to catch said brothers as they are about to flee the planet. Provided the ensuing combat goes well, the characters will not only now have some claim to the title of bounty hunter, they also get the reward and a ship...

From then on, the adventure is laid out in such a way that the characters ought not to feel quite so railroaded, with suggestions as to how to get things back on track if they don't decide to visit Keepsake - a good planet on which to relax, apparently - or otherwise ignore what has been prepared for them here.

Throughout, it is clear that characters are going to need to be able to interact, investigate and think as well as brawl. Make sure that the party has a good mix of skills as well as some combat abilities or else they will struggle. That said, they will not be short of opportunities to fight, and groups lacking in sheer muscle will also be at a disadvantage.

Everything is presented clearly, with copious notes about how the folks the party meets will react and what information is to be had from them (and at what price). There is also an appendix with new item and NPC information.

Overall a good start, once you are past the initial scene.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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