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Exotic Encounters: Krakens
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Exotic Encounters: Krakens
Publisher: Necromancers of the Northwest
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/30/2013 07:27:33

Another fine selection of variant monsters, this time that wonderful aquatic horror, the Kraken, is featured. Conjure up images of vast sucker-encrusted tentacles wrapping themselves around a ship mid-ocean...

The ones presented here are somewhat less dangerous than the one in the Pathfinder Bestiary, which clocks in at a mighty CR 18 and is enough to scare most adventurers straight back into the dungeon! These ones are a little more reasonable and do not require quite such mighty heroes to have a chance of defeating them.

The first is the Barbed Kraken (CR 8). As well as the regulation two arms and a mass of tentacles, this beastie has poisonous barbs on its arms which make fighting it in melee quite an interesting proposition. They are not particularly magical and although many seafarers think they are juvenile regular krakens naturalists reckon that they are a separate species completely.

Next up is the Seaquake Kraken (CR 13) which has the alarming ability to create a massive vortex in the water around them... sort of an instant tsunami. They have few of the other properties of other kraken and are thought to be more closely related to octopi than to squid.

Finally we have the Dominator Kraken (CR 15). This mean beastie is even smarter than your average kraken (and they are all pretty intelligent) and it also has psionic powers.

There's only one thing left out: what do they taste like? Calamari, anyone? Seriously, though, these make a fine addition to your ocean ecology and should provide for a range of tentacled encounters for anyone making a voyage.

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